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Save YouTube video as file in MP4 format

SaveTheVideo is Youtube to MP4 converter. It's one of the best places online to extract video from Youtube and save it to your laptop or smartphone in MP4 (or also M4a, Webm, etc) format. There's nothing complex about this process, all you need to do is provide the link for us to work with. You can use search bar to find videos on Youtube without leaving this site. Or you can use Youtube app to locate the video, then just copy link from the Share menu, and paste it into our white entry box, press Download to begin.. Follow 3 step instructions for the best result. It is very simple to save Youtube vids as MP4 files to access later when off the grid.

Find music on YouTube, convert to MP4 and save file

Convert to MP4 YouTube playlist

SaveTheVideo is a free web-app and will always remain free. Here we offer free online toolkit to convert online videos from Youtube to MP4 format file, which you can then download to your mobile or laptop. This app also supports playlists from Youtube and some other sites that support them, like Vimeo, Soundcloud, Rutube, Dailymotion, etc. The process to convert whole YouTube playlist to MP4 is essentially the same as working with 1 single video. First you copy playlist link, then submit it to SaveTheVideo thru the form on top of the page and get a list of videos from the playlist (which is essentially like searching YouTube). After that you simply click on thumbnails of each video you'd like to download as MP4 file, actually convert video to MP4 as described above in step-by-step guide, and save the file to your laptop. And move on to the next video. We don't recommend working with playlists on mobile phones, because whole thing becomes bulky and may waste your monthly data (bandwidth) in just a few video downloads. So make sure join free WiFi when you convert Youtube video playlist to MP4.

FAQ Questionnaire

Do you have daily limits on video MP4s?

No. Truly unlimited usage is built into the app. Unless you try to explot our network, - then we can ban you, so don't be converting and saving many MP4s simultaneously.

How to save YouTube video as MP4?

Please follow these steps to be able to save Youtube video in MP4 format file:
  1. Use search box to find video on Youtube. You can also insert URL into the white box and hit Download
  2. Wait for SaveTheVideo to scan the page and find ways to download or convert the video.
  3. Finally select MP4, WEBM, 3GP or other available video container, and save to file to your device

Where do all these MP4 files get saved?

Files you've saved to your device are automatically placed in the default Downloads folder, find it in your browser menu, it is called Downloads.

What video formats are supported?

MP4, MKV, WEBM, FLV, AVI, MPEG-TS and other popular video formats are supported here.

Will this website work on my MacBook?

Yes, although to save video files on Apple devices you may need additional apps installed, like Documents.. This website and webapp work on any platform that has Internet access and a browser to browse the Internet. It is in fact your favorite browser that makes our website look like a native app on your Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux device, even PS or Xbox will do it..

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Add to Home Screen

It's not just for mobiles, our web-based app will look native and operate great under Windows, Android and MacOS. Simply click on the browser Add To Home Screen menu option to install the app. It will not ask to update, neither it will occupy any significant storage space. It's a very nice little app, try it out, it uses this browsers to load this website, just makes it look like a native app. Very cool indeed.

Save to MP4 Youtube bookmark (no copy-paste)

Download Mp4

Here's our quick bookmark, or shortcut as Apple users have come to know this trick. It allows you to avoid the copy-paste step of the 1-2-3 instructions guide. To make it work, save this button to your browser's bookmarks, then head out to YouTube to watch videos. When you find one you'd like to save for offline access, - simply click this bookmark and it will send you here and video link will auto-magically come with you, so there's no need to actually copy it and paste it into our input form. Simple, fast, efficient. This helps if you like to use this website a lot. It is not the best tool for a smartphone, but on desktops and laptops it can help you quite a lot.

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