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Download videos from Facebook and save to your device using one of the provided popular file formats.

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Save video from Facebook to watch offline

SaveTheVideo knows how to download and save videos from nearly a thousand websites, and Facebook is one of them. The process is faily simple, all you need to do is copy video URL from the Facebook app, then head over here and submit the URL into our form, then select conversion format and save file to your laptop or desktop, even to smartphone. Usually video URL can be copied from the Share button menu, that will, most likely, contain Copy Link element which you should select. From there it's a piece-a-cake: select video quality and format, then convert and download the file to your device. Simple, efficient, no software required, no signup, no subscription, free for all online app to save Facebook videos.

How to save videos from Facebook to your device?

Convert Facebook videos to MP3, M4A & MP4

Videos from Facebook can be easily converted to MP4 and M4A format, actually no conversion is needed in that case, we just pass along the download link to you and you save file from Facebook CDN directly. For Mp3 we offer special converter button, simply select the format from the drop-down menu and click Get Download Link, then press big green button to start converting Facebook video to MP3 format. File will automatically start downloading when conversion ends. Please, limit the video duration to 2 hours, it is necessary to make all downloads and conversions as fast and reliable as possible for all users.

FAQ Questionnaire

What is the simplest way to save Facebook videos?

Follow these easy steps to save video from Facebook to your device:
  1. Find the video you need to download in the app, copy its link (find this option in social Share menu)
  2. Open savethevideo, click (or tap) in the white box, and insert video URL in there, press Download button.
  3. When download menu reveals itself, you can select size and file format and save the video to your device.

How to download Facebook video to Android device or iPhone?

It is easy to save Facebook video on mobile devices, just follow these simple instructions:
  1. Open Facebook app and find the video you like to save to your device, then press Share button and use Copy Link to copy URL
  2. Open SaveTheVideo and paste link from clipboard into the white input box, press Download and wait a little
  3. When menu shows up, select desired file size and format, and save Facebook video to your smartphone
  4. iPhone users may need to install some special software like Documents to be able to save non-native media files to their device..

What are the formats supported to save the video?

Save videos from Facebook (and many other websites) using one of the popular conversion formats we support, such as MP4, MKV and maybe others for video, and MP3 + M4A for audio formats.

What websites can be used besides Facebook?

SaveTheVideo will also assist with video downloads from Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Instagram, Dailymotion, BBC, Arte, Lynda, etc. Actually nearly a thousand websites, social networks and video libraries supported here, just copy the link into our input box, submit and see what the site tells you.

Do you have any download limits or restrictions?

No, not at all. Except the multi-file download, we suggest you do 1 video at a time, think about other users currently saving videos.

Try SaveTheVideo app to save Facebook videos

Add to Home Screen

It's not just for mobiles, our web-based app will look native and operate great under Windows, Android and MacOS. Simply click on the browser Add To Home Screen menu option to install the app. It will not ask to update, neither it will occupy any significant storage space. It's a very nice little app, try it out, it uses this browsers to load this website, just makes it look like a native app. Very cool indeed.

To avoid copy-paste, use this Bookmark-let

Download Mp4

Here's our quick bookmark-let or shortcut. It allows you to avoid the copy-paste step of the 1-2-3 guide. To make it work, save this button to your browser's bookmarks, then head out to Facebook to watch videos. When found the one you'd like to save for offline access, - simply click this bookmark and it will send you here and video link will auto-magically come with you, so there's no need to actually copy it and paste it into our input form. Simple, fast and efficient. This trick is really helpful if you like to use this website a lot. It is not the best tool for a smartphone, bookmarks are not handy on mobiles. But on desktops and laptops it can help you quite a bit.

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